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Inventory Adjustment Fields

The Inventory Adjustments import type imports Inventory Adjustments. The fields correspond to fields on the AccountRight Adjust Inventory form.

Inventory Adjustments can only be imported using TransPost Plus and TransPost Premier.

There are groups of fields dealing with:

The grey fields are only shown when the All fields radio button is selected.

Journal details
Inventory Journal No. or Transaction ID to identify the adjustment journal. If omitted MYOB will generate one.
Adjustment Date
Adjustment date. If omitted defaults to the current date.

This will be interpreted based on your regional date format, i.e. in Australia, NZ something like d/m/yy or dd-mm-yyyy or similar. Time if present will be ignored. Texts Yesterday or Today or Tomorrow will be interpreted appropriately which can be handy as a default.

Single character code indicating what action is to be applied. The only action code applicable to Inventory Adjustments is D to delete.

When deleting, the JournalNumber (transaction ID) and Adjustment Date if necessary are required to uniquely identify the Journal to delete. other details are ignored.

Memo. This corresponds to the Memo shown on the MYOB form above the details, not to be confused with the Memo field on each of the item lines, which is called AllocationMemo in TransPost
Memo2, Memo3, Memo4, Memo5
These will be concatenated with Memo. They are provided so that Memo can be constucted from multiple input fields.
Use Y if the journal is a year-end adjustment.

Item adjustment Line Details
In the Mapping Details form, Line Details are highlighted to distinguish them from other Inventory Adjustment data fields that can only have a single value per transaction.

ItemNumber and Quantity are mandatory. If neither UnitCost nor Amount is input the Item's Average Cost will be used.

Item number of the item to which the adjustment applies.
Stock Location of stock being adjusted.
Quantity of increase or decrease in stock.
The current average cost of the items being adjusted. If not supplied it will be calculated by dividing Amount by Quantity.
The value of the adjustment. If not input it will be calculated as Quantity x UnitCost. If UnitCost is also not provided the Item's Average Cost will be used.
Account - the account to which the amount is allocated, usually a Cost-of-Sales or Expense account.
Job number applicable to the line. Must match a valid active detail job number in MYOB.
Memo - specific to the detail line.
Category is optional. Categories not already on the AccountRight Categories List will be ignored, with a warning, as MYOB's API does not permit adding to the category list on the fly.
If GroupLikeMyobImport is set to Y TransPost will take the values on the first line of the transaction and ignore changes in any of these fields until it finds a complete blank line.