TransPost Help

Windows Service

TransPost has a Windows Service that can automatically process files according to the run schedule in the background.

TransPost Windows Service is installed if the Install Service check box is checked during installation. It is not activated on installation. Startup Type is set to Manual on installation.

Use the Run Schedule tab in TransPost to specify the Service Run frequency. This will determine how often the service will search the specified folders for files to be processed.

To activate the TransPost Service:

  1. From the Windows Start menu Control Panel select Administrative Tools.
  2. Open Services and scroll down to select the row containing TransPost Service.
  3. To Start the service, right click the mouse and select Start or select Action, Start from the menu.
  4. To have the service start automatically whenever the system starts up, select Properties and then change the Startup Type to Automatic.
  5. To stop the service, select Stop from the right-mouse menu or the Action menu.

Before starting the Service we strongly recommend that you run your run schedule manually fron the Run Schedule tab, initially only importing small amounts of data, and then check the resulting data in MYOB thoroughly.

See Run Scheduling for help with defining the run schedule.