TransPost Version 4

There are major changes in the new release of TransPost. It will enable deletion and in some cases modification of transactions.

The Configuration & Activation program has been removed and replaced by options in the main program itself. This removes the need to run a separate program as Administrator to configure files or update a license.

The license expiry notification now links to a web page where the license can easily be renewed via PayPal with an option to pay using a credit or debit card. If you use this option and paste in your license serial the license will automatically be updated for the renewal period.

Select Manage License on the Start tab to view your the license serial number and copy it for pasting into the online renewal page. Then all you need to do is click on the Submit button to get the updated expiry date.

Note: Classic AccountRight is no longer supported so those users who still use it should not upgrade past version 3.3.7

This is a new version so there may be issues but we have tested all transaction types to ensure that pre-existing functions work as they did before.

If you do find any issues please do not hesitate to let us know. Email us at attaching the log file and, if appropriate, an exported mapping and sample data file.

TransPost Express

TransPostExpress Setup ... 1.17MB 5/06/2023
TransPostExpress Setup ... 1.17MB 10/05/2023


TransPost Setup ... 1.24MB 5/06/2023
TransPost Setup ... 1.24MB 10/05/2023

TransPost Plus

TransPost Plus Setup ... 1.33MB 5/06/2023
TransPost Plus Setup ... 1.33MB 10/05/2023

TransPost Premier

TransPost Premier Setup ... 1.33MB 5/06/2023
TransPost Premier Setup ... 1.33MB 10/05/2023

New Features:

  • Field lengths to match AccountRight

    Invoice and order numbers have been extended to match the new lengths permissible in AccountRight. Other fields such as Customers Number and Job Number have also been extended

  • Deletion and Updates

    A new Action field is available on most types of mapping. As long as the card or transaction is properly and uniquely identified action code D will delete a record as long as the data correctly and uniquely identifies the record by an appropriate key e.g. Invoice Number, CardID or unique customer name, Job or Item Number. Note that invoices with payments cannot be deleted unless the payments are deleted first,

    Cards, Items and Jobs cannot be deleted if they have been referenced in any transaction. They can be updated either by checking the "Update data in existing records" check box in the mapping or providing tha action code U. Such updates can be used to set them inactive.

    U will cause all fields for which values are mapped and entered to be updated.

    Note that for sales and payments, action code D for deleting is the only one available in TransPost Express

New Features not applicable in TransPost Express:

  • Foreign currency in Item and Service sales and Customer Payments. In TransPost Plus and Premier this also applies to Item and Service puprchases, Bill Payments and General Journals
  • Sales can be updated using action code U. If there is data in the item line fields, e.g. item number quantity and or price, or account code, description or amount, that will create an additional line. In TransPost Plus and Premier Purchase may also be updated. Action code R will update a sale replacing all item lines.
  • Converting orders to invoices. For Sales, input an order number into the Order field. Alternatively action Code I will convert an order with the input Number. Similarly in TransPost Plus and Premier Purchase Orders may be converted to Bills using action code B.
  • There is now a Location (stock location) field in Item Sales and, in TransPost Plus and Premier, Item purchases and Inventory Adjustments.


  • The log will record hidden 'debug' details when there are communications errors to assist us in investigating what is going wrong and, if needed, communicate any necessary details to MYOB API support.
  • When there are communication errors, either retrieving data or posting an update to AccountRight, the request is retried a few times before abandoning the transaction. These failures are logged invisibly in the log file so that we can get details to follow up with MYOB API server issues.


  • Composite Tax Codes

    The AccountRight API does not return details of composite tax codes such as GST on WET tax and similar so, without finding out at least a minimal amount about such a tax code it is impossible to post transactions that use them

    If such a tax code is used as a default for sales generally or a specific customer, item or account code then the first time in a session that TransPost comes across such a default it will remember it for use later in the session. This will work even if TransPost is not actually using the default at the time. For example if a customer is set to have the tax code when sold as say GW but Use Customers Tax code is not set then TransPost will still remember that tax code for the remainder of the session while actually using the input tax code or the appropriate default for the account or item.

  • We have addressed the issue that many defaults defined in mappings where not being applied correctly but as we have not set up tests for every possible scenario it may be that some are still not applied correctly. Let us know at .

Known Problems:

There may also be unknown problems. We hope not as we have tested thoroughly but email to let us know at if you encounter them.
  • We have put in place a regime of short pause and retry when the server returns 500 (Internal Server Error) or 504 (Gateway Timeout) errors which can occur on occasions when MYOB's AccountRight API Server is heavily loaded, which occurs sometimes after month end and noticeably in the first week of a new financial year. Usually this means that the transaction, whatever it was, was not processed but we have discovered that sometimes when these errors occur the server is still actually, albeit slowly, completing the process.

    When this occurs with a POST, i.e. inserting something new, retrying the POST results in duplication. We are trying a regime of waiting and checking before retrying POSTs but this still results in occasional duplications.

    We have added a "Check" message to the log when this is occurs as we cannot be sure whether TransPost is inserting a duplicate of a yet to complete transaction if the process at the MYOB end is really slow.

    Note that these events are being logged in the TransPost log behind the scenes so we can follow up on these issues if you send us the log.

  • Adding or updating a salesperson by name will not work if the salesperson employee card has the same name as a supplier or customer.

Imports into the new version of MYOB Essentials too