Automating Imports into MYOB

Using the MYOB import assistant entails stepping through a 3 step process every single time data is imported to select

  1. File Type to import (e.g. Sales- Item sales) as well as the file to import
  2. The format  i.e. Tab or Comma delimited and has it headings?
  3. Match Fields – this can be a complex step unless the file format has been carefully aligned to that expected

With TransPost all this information is encapsulated in a named ‘mapping’ which can be stored for re-use so it is as simple as selecting the file and the mapping and then clicking the Import to MYOB button.

Simply put the files into the ‘In folder’

But there’s more. With TransPost you can set up a schedule that runs all the imports you need to do at once with a single click, or even totally automatically Continue reading

Upgrading to AccountRight Live – Will your data imports still work?

Problem: Imports do not work in MYOB AccountRight Live

If you regularly import data into MYOB using MYOB’s internal File, Import Data options then you will be in for an unpleasant surprise when you upgrade to AccountRight Live. A number of columns in the format have disappeared, and as a result, the data no longer lines up.

Solution: Use TransPost or TransPost Plus

If your data is coming from other applications this could be a problem, particularly if your data does not have column headings. If it is internally developed, your developer may not be available Continue reading

Welcome to the TransPost Blog


The purpose of this blog is to provide news and informative articles about TransPost.

TransPost is software for importing data into MYOB AccountRight Classic and MYOB AccountRight Live.

It provides the tools to automate the import process so that, as far as is possible, data flows into your accounts without having to lift a finger, using pre-set defaults and the available defaults from MYOB to extend the data as needed to fill everything in correctly.

To find out more about TransPost  and download the latest versions available go to

There are demonstrations, showing what it does and how to use it on the TransPost channel on YouTube.

We hope you find it useful.