Accountability – TransPost logs everything

Q: “MYOB AccountRight has the import assistant, so why should I use TransPost?”
A: The objective with TransPost is to import the data, as it comes, without lifting a finger.

TransPost offers:
  • More flexibility around the format of the data
  • Defaults to fill in gaps and derive data appropriately
  • Automation to the point where you need not lift a finger
  • Accountability – TransPost records everything

MYOB Import produces a log file, ‘MYOBPLOG.TXT’ if you use Classic Premier or Enterprise or ‘importlog.txt’ if you use AccountRight Live. This does contain a list of what was not imported with error codes but not the data imported. If you do not conscientiously move or rename it before the next import it will be overwritten. What can you do when you import a couple of files and then realise that there was a problem with the first import?

TransPost records everything

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