Defaults and derived data values

Q: “MYOB AccountRight has the import assistant, so why should I use TransPost?”
A: The objective with TransPost is to import the data, as it comes, without lifting a finger.
TransPost offers:
  • More flexibility around the format of the data
  • Defaults to fill in gaps and derive data appropriately
  • Automation to the point where you need not lift a finger
  • Accountability – TransPost records everything

Defaults and derived data values

TransPost uses appropriate defaults and calculations to fill in the gaps

When you enter data directly into MYOB many things default. There is no intrinsic reason why an import process should not do the same. For example, terms will default based on the Customer or Supplier card and Item price will default based on the Item Selling details. ( Update: AccountRight Live 2016.3 finally introduces defaulting of terms from cards but not much else)

If you do not enter a date, MYOB assumes you mean today. So does TransPost.

The MYOB Import assistant does not mark Date as a mandatory field but if you do not supply one the import will fail with the message “Error -1019: Date is not valid for this transaction”.

MYOB Import insists on various inputs that could be calculated from other input data or retrieved from the appropriate card, item or account properties. Do you enter both inc-tax and ex-tax amounts in the data entry forms for sales or purchases? No, but they need to both be there for the Import Assistant.

TransPost uses the appropriate defaults and calculations to fill in the gaps, following similar logic to the MYOB data entry forms. It looks up data in MYOB cards and Account and Item properties as needed to do so and will calculate inc-Tax from Ex-Tax or line totals from prices as needed.

Tax Codes

If Tax Code is not specified in the Import Assistant it will do nothing about it.

TransPost will check a Customer or Supplier card to see if a Tax Code is supplied and should be used.  If the card does not over-ride then the Tax code will be determined from the Account used except in the case of Item sales or Purchases when it will be determined from the Item details and for Time Billing when the Tax Code indicated against the Activity will be applied.

Sales and Purchases

…calculated appropriately from from the available data

The MYOB Import assistant requires both Amount and Inc-Tax Amount. Even if both are provided and different, if tax is not input then it will be zero.

TransPost ensures that if the Tax code is not input the default is found and Amount, Inc-Tax Amount and Tax are then calculated appropriately from the available data. This may, in the case of Item sales, be the quantity, default price and applicable discount rates.

Many other fields take defaults from the customer or Supplier cards. For details see Defaults in TransPost.

Customer Payments

For a Customer Payments transaction the Import assistant insists on both Customer and Invoice or Customer PO No. Often all you have to go on is the date, amount paid and the Invoice(s) to which the payment applies.

TransPost works on the basis that if it knows which invoice is being paid then it can look up the customer before passing the payment into MYOB.

TransPost makes it easier to import meaningful data

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