Data format flexibility

Q: “MYOB AccountRight has the import assistant, so why should I use TransPost?”
A: The objective with TransPost is to import the data, as it comes, without lifting a finger.

TransPost offers:
  • More flexibility around the format of the data
  • Defaults to fill in gaps and derive data appropriately
  • Automation to the point where you need not lift a finger
  • Accountability – TransPost records everything

Data Format Flexibility

Manipulating data just to fit a format is wasted effort and increases the risk of errors.

Create and save a ‘mapping’

The import assistant has requirements that need to be met every time you import. If the data you are importing does not arrive the way the import assistant requires it then you have to hand-match, or even hand-edit, for every requirement. Every single time you import.

Either the columns must be in the exact right order for the transaction you are importing or the column names exactly as MYOB has defined for the data. If not you have to hand-match each column correctly to where it goes each time you import.

TransPost allows you to create and save a ‘mapping’ which remembers what data goes where. It matches columns from your input data to MYOB fields, like this:Typical TransPost mapping definition
If the data came with column headings, TransPost uses those. If not then TransPost will call the first column Field001, the next Field002 and so on and use that.

Blank line between transactions

The import assistant requires a blank line separating one transaction from the next. Data does not normally arrive like that. If you export a table from a database there are generally no blank lines between sales so you would need to edit them in. When you get data from another application or an external source the data is how it is, not how the MYOB import assistant would like it. (Think how much notice an organisation like eBay will take if you ask for your data in MYOB format!)

TransPost does not need a blank line between transactions. It ignores them if they are there but uses other, common-sense criteria to determine where one transaction ends and the next begins. If everything other than line item details is the same then why should the data be a different invoice rather than a continuation?

Currency and percent formats

The import assistant requires that currency and percent formats are not applied. Monetary amounts must be given to 2 decimal places with no currency symbols. Files from eBay contain values like “AU $78.90” so you would need to clean the data cell by cell.

TransPost will accept whole amounts, round to 2 decimal places and strip off non-numeric text such as currency symbols so it will accept “2345.0”, “2,345.002”, “$2345.00”, “2,345.00 AUD” and “AU $2,345.00” all as meaning 2345.00.

TransPost flexibly imports data, as it comes, into MYOB AccountRight.

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