Upgrading to AccountRight Live – Will your data imports still work?

Problem: Imports do not work in MYOB AccountRight Live

If you regularly import data into MYOB using MYOB’s internal File, Import Data options then you will be in for an unpleasant surprise when you upgrade to AccountRight Live. A number of columns in the format have disappeared, and as a result, the data no longer lines up.

Solution: Use TransPost or TransPost Plus

If your data is coming from other applications this could be a problem, particularly if your data does not have column headings. If it is internally developed, your developer may not be available to change it to the new format. Perhaps they are too busy or have moved on.

The solution is to use TransPost or TransPost Plus to import the data. Once each data column has been identified in a TransPost mapping it will then always be sent to the right field, regardless of which version of AccountRight you are using.

You can download ready-made mappings

Mapping columns to the correct MYOB fields is particularly tricky if there are no headings. For this reason we have set up mappings for importing the more popular types of transaction. You can download ready-made mappings from:


We will be adding to the available mappings as we find the demand, so if you have a need for a particular transaction type email us at support@transpost.com.au  and we will let you know when new mappings are available.

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