Data format flexibility

Q: “MYOB AccountRight has the import assistant, so why should I use TransPost?”
A: The objective with TransPost is to import the data, as it comes, without lifting a finger.

TransPost offers:
  • More flexibility around the format of the data
  • Defaults to fill in gaps and derive data appropriately
  • Automation to the point where you need not lift a finger
  • Accountability – TransPost records everything

Data Format Flexibility

Manipulating data just to fit a format is wasted effort and increases the risk of errors.

Create and save a ‘mapping’

The import assistant has requirements that need to be met every time you import. If the data you are importing does not arrive the way the import assistant requires it then you have to hand-match, or even hand-edit, for every requirement. Every single time you import. Continue reading

Upgrading to AccountRight Live – Will your data imports still work?

Problem: Imports do not work in MYOB AccountRight Live

If you regularly import data into MYOB using MYOB’s internal File, Import Data options then you will be in for an unpleasant surprise when you upgrade to AccountRight Live. A number of columns in the format have disappeared, and as a result, the data no longer lines up.

Solution: Use TransPost or TransPost Plus

If your data is coming from other applications this could be a problem, particularly if your data does not have column headings. If it is internally developed, your developer may not be available Continue reading