Whats New in TransPost 3.3

New Features:

  • Amount paid can now be imported with a sale in AccountRight Live

    With Classic MYOB (V19 and earlier) it has always been possible to import amount paid as part of an invoice but the API for AccountRight Live does not provide for input of amount paid as part of the transaction to post a sale. To get around this TransPost will now accept the payment details as part of the sale data and post first the sale and then, immediately, the associated payment so the one process performs both stages.

  • The data preview form is now editable

    It is often necessary to make changes to data before processing. For CSV files this defaults often to Excel which will automatically trim leading zeros off numbers such as phone numbers and turn MYOB Account codes into dates. Now this editing can be done directly in TransPost, without the risks associated with using Excel.

  • There is new error log which will only appear when a transaction fails completely

    For those who are processing automatically it is time consuming to read the log or check the 'Unprocessed data' folders. Once the process is established such occurrences should be rare but must be attended to when they occur. This file only appears when there is an issue which requires attention.


  • Additional defaults retrieved from AccountRight to enable import of sales with minimal data now include Invoice Delivery and sales-person derived from the customer card. See Defaults in TransPost for details.

  • The transaction number has been added to the import log file

    When a transaction is imported that does not already have a transaction number (e.g. invoice number, for a sale, or Payment or receipt number) MYOB generates a number. This is now reported in the import log file.

  • Every error message relating to a validation error on specific line item with a sale or other transaction now contains the number of the line within the transaction

  • Every detail line will be validated before rejecting a transaction.

    For users who import sales with many lines this will mean that all lines with problems will be identified the first time round.

  • Heading and Subtotal lines can now be imported with sales into AccountRight Live.

    This was introduced in version for invoices and in for orders

  • IsPersonal field introduced in (applies to AccountRight Live only)


  • TransPost Service now does not try to process a file that is not openable.

    This is significant when files become visible to the service before they are fully downloaded. This issue has affected some HandShake users. Files being downloaded will be processed when the download is complete.

  • When processing payments using a numerical invoice number, both the zero-padded 8 digit form and the unpadded format are checked.

    AccountRight Live (but not MYOB 19 and earlier) permits the import of invoices with numbers specified without leading digits, so '1234' remains '1234'. When inputting through the user interface or importing into classic MYOB, invoice numbers are zero padded so '1234' becomes '00001234'.

    When importing a payment for an invoice with an all numeric invoice number, TransPost will now look for invoices with both padded and unpadded versions of the number.

Known Problems:

  • The service specific time start does not work. The service will always start immediately.