Using TransPost Express

Import Data into MYOB AccountRight

  1. Select your input file, browse using the … button
  2. Select one of the mappings you have created from the drop down list
  3. Click the Import to MYOB button
First you need to install, configure, activate and create or import your mappings. There are instructions below or watch our detailed video walkthroughs.

Download the Latest Release

TransPost Express TransPost Express Setup --- 1.13MB

Configuration and Activation

Once you have installed TransPost Express see Configure for AccountRight Live for instructions on configuring for your Company file or view the video below for a detailed walkthrough of the entire process of installing and set-up.

Create Mappings

Mappings tell TransPost how your data is to be imported.

There are general instructions on how to create mappings at Making a Mapping or you can watch the video 'Import Sales into MYOB Express with TransPost Express' below to see a detailed walkthrough showing how to create and use a mapping to import Item Sales.

Import Mappings

You can import mappings into TransPost Express using the Import Mappings button on the TransPost Mapping tab. There are some mappings for standard scenarios available for download. See Importing Mappings for details. You can also export mappings in XML format.

Uninstall TransPost Express

  • Select Uninstall TransPost Express from the Start menu.
  • Click Yes to confirm that you wish to uninstall TransPost.


Install, Configure and Activate TransPost Express

Before you can use Transpost Express you must install it, configure it to access your MYOB file and register to activate it.

This video steps thought the entire process from downloading to activation.

Import Sales into MYOB AccountRight with TransPost Express

This video steps through creating a sales mapping and using it to import data.