Mappings for eBay

You can import sales from an eBay sales history file either as sales to a generic customer or to specific customers These mappings can be used to import sales data from an eBay sales History file:

eBay Sales - General Customer Item sales to customer named "Ebay Sales" (change as you like)
eBay Customers Import to add Customers not already in MYOB file
eBay Sales - Specific customers Item sales indentifying customer by Buyer Fullname (import new customers first)
eBay Sales Payments Import payments for eBay sales

eBay Sales - General Customer

Use this mapping as is for sales to a generic customer called Ebay Sales or modify it to suit your needs:

eBay Sales - General Customer
Fields not set by the mapping will default as they do during normal data entry. For example the tax code will be determined by the Item's Tax Code When Sold. See here for details.

You can modify it to suit, you might want to record 'Postage Service' in ShipVia or put the buyers name or email in the memo field.

You can add defaults too. For example you could add 'eBay' as the ReferralSource.

eBay Sales - Specific customers

If you want to associate each sale with the specific customer card then, as long as the Card name in MYOB matches the BuyerFullname this mapping will serve:

eBay Sales - Specific customers
Some fields not supplied by the mapping will default according to settings in the Customer Cards. See here for details.


eBay Customers

if you want to identify sales with specific customers you will probably want to import new customers from your eBay data. Here is a mapping to do that:

eBay Customers
You can add defaults here too. For example you could set an Identifier or a Custom Field or List value to indicate that the customer was generated from eBay data.

eBay Payments

To import the payments from your eBay Sales to a generic customer :

eBay Sales Payments
You can modify it to suit. You must modify it to specify your particular Deposit account and the generic customer name.

If importing sales assigned to specific customers then map BuyerFullname to CoLastName