Mappings for Astute Payroll

Astute Payroll outputs files containing Sales and General Journal data designed to be imported into MYOB Classic Premier and EnterPrise. The format for the AccountRight Live import assistant is different as some fields were dropped in AccountRight Live.

TransPost and TransPost Plus do not rely in column position. They insert data into specified MYOB fields identified by name so this does not matter. You can use TransPost to import sales and TransPost Plus will also import General Journals. These mappings work with any version of AccountRight.

Customers from Astute Payroll See Customers below for details
Service Sales from Astute Payroll See Service Sales below for details
Customer Payments from Astute Payroll See Customer Payments below for details
Journal-Expenses from Astute Payroll See Expense Journals below for details

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Customers from Astute Payroll
This mapping imports new Customer details. As set up it will also update address and phone details for existing customers, if they have changed. Turn off the Update data check box if you do not want that to occur.

Service Sales

Service Sales from Astute Payroll
Fields not set by the mapping will default as they do during normal data entry. See here for details.

Customer Payments

Customer Payments from Astute Payroll
This mapping imports Customer payments which are allocated by Invoice number.

Expense Journals

You need either TransPost Plus or TransPost Premier to use this mapping.

Journal-Expenses from Astute Payroll